Belinda Bunt's Violin Studio

 Weddings & Special Events

Belinda is available to play for weddings and other special events in the Birmingham-metro area and central Alabama.  There are several options to choose from to make the music for your event special.  Belinda plays solo violin or duets with piano and other string instruments; larger ensembles include string trio or string quartet.  For more information, contact Belinda @ 931-580-0491 or email

 Deposit      Price
 Non-refundable booking fee to Belinda T. Bunt, Coordinator  
 Meeting with Wedding Party  $30.00
 Wedding Ceremony only (one hour)  $250.00
 Additional ceremony time over one hour  $50.00
 Cocktail Hour  $100.00
 Wedding Ceremony & Reception (max. 3 hours)     
 Wedding Reception only (max. 2 hours)
 Wedding Rehearsal
 Driving Distance (applied when over 30 miles)
 Music Arrangement fee (1st song free)  $7.00
 Other Events 
 Meeting with Event Coordinator
 Event (one hour)
 Additional time over one hour (per hour)
 Driving Distance (applied when over 30 miles)
Music Arrangement fee (1st song free) $7.00


Need help with your music selections? Belinda has a large repertoire of music to choose from and will attempt to find any music that is requested to fit your event. For a list of popular wedding songs, click here.
Responds quickly to client requests
Listening Sample:  Wedding March 
For other listening samples, click here.