Belinda Bunt's Violin Studio

Violin Posture Checklist

Upper Body:
1. Is your head straight & turned slightly to the left (not tilted to either side)?

2. Are you straining your neck muscles?

3. Are both shoulders relaxed?

4. Are you standing/sitting erect without slouching or arching?

5. Is your jaw relaxed (without gritting teeth)?

Holding the Violin:

6. Are you using your shoulder rest?

7. Is the violin hiding your shoulder?

8. Is the violin level with the floor (not drooping)?

9. Is your chin on the chin rest and can you hold the violin with only the weight of your head? (no left arm)

10. Are you standing with feet shoulder-width apart with left foot slightly forward?

Left Hand Posture:

11. Is your thumb peeking over at 1st finger?

12. Are your fingers curved when placed on the fingerboard?

13. Do you have boxed knuckles?

14. Is your wrist dropped and your arm/wrist almost straight?


Right Hand (Bow) Posture:

15. Are your three fingers hugging the bow and your pinky on top?

16. Are your three fingers separated and curved slightly toward the pinky?

17. Is your thumb curved - smiling at you? Shaped like holding a ball?

18. Are your fingers leaning in toward the index finger?