Belinda Bunt's Violin Studio

Wedding & Event Price List

Belinda is available to play for weddings and other special events in the Birmingham-metro area and central Alabama.  There are several options to choose from to make the music for your event special:  solo violin, duets (2 players) with piano or other string instruments, trios (3 players) or quartets (4 players).


 Deposit      Price
 Non-refundable booking fee to Belinda T. Bunt, Coordinator  

 Meeting with Wedding Party  $30.00
 Wedding Ceremony only (one hour)  $250.00
 Additional ceremony time over one hour  $50.00
 Cocktail Hour  $100.00
 Wedding Ceremony & Reception (max. 3 hours)     
 Wedding Reception only (max. 2 hours)
 Wedding Rehearsal
 Driving Distance (applied when over 30 miles)
 Music Arrangement fee (1st song free)  $7.00
 Other Events 
 Meeting with Event Coordinator
 Event (one hour)
 Additional time over one hour (per hour)
 Driving Distance (applied when over 30 miles)
Music Arrangement fee (1st song free) $7.00


Responds quickly to client requests